The lack of proper schooling facilities in rural Africa creates unequal opportunity for education across the country.
— Northern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ)

Identifying the Problem: Educational Inequality

The Maasai tribe is a popular African clan with a long-preserved historic culture and a proud symbol of African heritage. However, due to the modernization of urban Africa the children of the tribe currently living in the wild savanna have no access to educational opportunities.

The Maasai children usually have to walk many miles through dangerous wildlife areas to reach the available schools who cannot provide them with a full education and the majority of them have no access to books, educators or electricity.

Finding the Solution: A Viable School

The surest way to end the social, economic and political marginalization of the Maasai children is to create viable educational opportunities for their upcoming generations.

The community of Lomiyon is an organized rural community with a large number of Maasai families. Through the organization of various fundraisers we were able to sensitize our fellow citizens and gather the appropriate funds to complete a fully viable school in August of 2018.

The undertaking was constructed based on studies by Cypriot architects and quantity surveyors and through the usage of the local work-force of Tanzania. Our coordinators settled in the area until the projects completion to organize the community and the whole endeavor was a team effort between the collaboration of our task-force, the elders of the Community and the international organization ‘World Vision’.

The school now has 4 operational classrooms and can accommodate for the educational needs of up to 200 children. Moreover, the school is powered by Solar Power through solar panels we installed bringing the tribe in first contact with electricity through a viable renewable source of energy increasing their capabilities to further develop.

The infrastructure offered at the ‘Lomiyon School’ is an essential part in ensuring a complete teaching experience with Solar Powered lighted classrooms, a teachers office and am independently funded food-program that feeds the children twice a day.


Creating Communal Benefits

The establishment of a fully functional school to fulfill the educational gap of the Maasai Tribe has the power to bring about enormous changes and benefit the whole community. By broadening the perception of the upcoming Maasai generations the youths can then enter urban cities and work for the benefit of their families and their whole tribe. They will be able to read contracts, explore land rights, take up business and work in the tourism sector to support their families and impact the economic development of the whole community.