Due to the lack of proper roads in rural areas of undeveloped countries many basic necessities and essentials such as medicines, apparel and hygiene products cannot reach their desired destinations to accommodate the people who need them.

“Designed for children living in poverty, the shoe that grows can expand up to five sizes and be used for many years by the child in need.”

Shoe that grows.png
Walking barefoot leaves children vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can cause illness and even death, aside from the cuts, burns, and blisters. 

   Moreover, ‘The Shoe That Grows’ combats the unfortunate scenario where children outgrow their footwear by being the one pair of footwear that grows with them. Extending at the front, sides, and the back, the sandals work simply like a belt would… expanding with size and necessity. With a tough, compressed-rubber sole, leather body, and durable metal clips, the sandals boasts high-quality, high-durability, but low-cost materials to provide one solution that accommodates expansion up to 5 sizes and lasts for years, even under rough conditions. 

 ‘Rhea Foundation’, through it’s specialized network of coordinators around the world is able to move a wide range of goods and necessities through rural areas in third-world countries to reach the people who most need them. When donors are willing to sponsor necessities that will positively impact the quality of peoples lives in undeveloped countries we are able to facilitate a quick and tactical tailor-made plan for the goods to reach the specific desired destination.

We strive to combine the best vehicle solutions for the task-at-hand with strategic tactical planning, transparent logistics and a commitment to safety. We aim to bring the mission to completion while having in mind the following principles:

  • Donor Focused: We are committed in serving the generosity of our donors by finding the best equipment for the goods to reach their destinations. This includes vans, off-road jeeps, dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles (ATV) designed to handle a wide range of goods.

  • Detail-Oriented: Our distribution services are managed by our highly-skilled in-house logistics teams and our international network of coordinators that work together to ensure the most efficient handling and routing of every load.

  • Committed to Safety: We are committed to the safety of the donors goods, our task-force that carries them and the public they share the roads with.

  • Mission Completion: Our task force is focused in ensuring that all the goods are delivered to the destinations agreed and reach the people in need.