1 billion people are living without electricity and 50% of them are found in Sub-Saharan Africa.
— UN Report

Africa’s Energy Problem

The true potential of millions of Africans is still being stunted by the lack of access to reliable and affordable energy. More than 640 million people, two-thirds of the continent’s population, do not have access to electricity.

The African Development Bank states that energy poverty cripples the continent’s economies creating a matter of national security.

Our Expertise

‘Rhea Foundation’ uses it’s expertise to assist in the field of photo-voltaic systems. Solar energy is an environmentally friendly renewable energy source that can offer immense benefits. We try to responsively provide the needs of people with no access to a viable energy source with the best solution for their energy needs. Our mission is to provide a high quality service to the projects we undertake so as to bring viable energy sources to the less fortunate people and to contribute to the rising of awareness in the issue of climate change.

We have developed a trusted cooperation with leading suppliers of photovoltaic systems in Tanzania, Africa and are currently opening our activities to offer such services in Nepal and India.

All the photovoltaic systems we install are high grade and meet the standards of ISO 9001:2015 to ensure the smoothest and most reliable system-operation to ensure the increase of the quality of the users life. We are committed to offer the people in need with quality services, while contributing in creating future citizens who are aware about the benefits of renewable sources of energy.

Stable and Clean Energy Will Move Africa Forward

Access to clean and fairly priced energy will improve lives in rural Africa. People will be able to work longer, local hospitals will be able to provide better care to patients, lighted schools will be able to operate in the afternoon to accommodate children who work in the fields to help their families during the day and local leaders will be able to support the aspirations of young, talented Africans that come into contact with electricity from a young age.