Distribution: The Shoe that Grows.

   One major problem many children in undeveloped countries face is walking without shoes. Walking barefoot leaves children vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can cause illness and even death, aside from the cuts, burns, and blisters. Because of the lack of proper roads in rural areas of Africa, many essentials like medicines, apparel and hygiene products cannot reach many destinations and people who need them cannot have access to them. The Foundation has build a reliable distribution network in Tanzania and is able to move necessities to rural areas and reach tribes that have no access to such goods and thus directly impact the increase of the quality of their lives.

The adjustable Shoe.

   The Shoe-That-Grows is an innovative product created by 'Because International' a section 8 United States registered NGO. The Shoe expands up to 5 sizes and can be used by children for many years to come. The Foundation shares the belief of 'Because International', that innovation is the key to finding quick solutions to combat poverty and their unique approach tries to solve the problem of shoe-less children and keep them healthy so they can attend school consistently and thus receive proper education in order to create more economic opportunities and elevate their communities.

The unique design of the Shoe also combats the unfortunate scenario where children outgrow their footwear since it's adjustable setting allows the shoes to grow with the child. Expanding at the front, sides, and the back, the shoe works like a belt expanding with size and necessity. With a tough, compressed-rubber sole, leather body, and durable metal clips, the 'Shoe' boasts high-quality, high-durability, but low-cost materials to provide one solution that accommodates expansion up to 5 sizes and lasts for years, even under rough conditions.

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