We Rise by Lifting Others.

‘Rhea Foundation’ is an officially registered NGO with expert coordinators in continents throughout the world who work together in a sophisticated network to positively affect the lives of underprivileged people by finding innovative solutions to solve infrastructural problems in undeveloped countries.

Our aim is to help the less fortunate by promoting developmental and infrastructural endeavors in third-world countries that are capable off:

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  • providing education to children that live in areas where access to education is difficult to near impossible

  • providing access to renewable sources of energy

  • providing access to clean water supplies

  • providing training in renewable sources of energy and decontamination of local waters

  • providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing and hygiene items

  • sensitizing the future generations in becoming more self-aware and responsible.

Our central philosophy is to take hands-on action towards the shaping of a better reality while staying financially transparent with all the people who assist our cause.

We believe that the first step towards the shaping of a better world starts inside all of us from the understanding of a few basic assumptions that our current mind-set fails to offer, namely, that color, race, religion, ethnicity and socio-economic status are nothing more than superficial ways that modern society conditions us to see and differentiate ourselves.