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The lack of proper school facilities in rural Africa creates unequal opportunities for education across the continent.

- Northern and 
Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality 


Inadequate school facilities in rural Africa

Rural Africa faces the biggest education exclusion in the world with the children raised in rural communities having no access to educational facilities and opportunities. Such children live hundreds of miles away from urban cities and usually have to walk many hours through dangerous wildlife in order to reach inadequate school facilities that are unable to provide them with a proper education due to the lack of books, trained educators, electricity and toilets.

Transforming communities by building viable schools

We construct viable brick-and-mortar solar powered classrooms in order to ensure a complete teaching experience for the children raised in such communities. Furthermore through an independently funded food-program administered in a newly constructed kitchen next to the school feeds the students twice a day providing their families with an extra incentive to send them to school.

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