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Sponsor a Child

Our Sponsorship Program is a special endeavor that connects a child in need with a compassionate person who wants to help and impact a child's life. Being a sponsor means that you give a child the opportunity to grow up healthy, be nourished properly and have access to a viable school in order to gain an education and thus directly affect it's quality of life and future.

The Program gives access to the most vulnerable children of the communities we assist in finding a sponsor and each child is connected to only one person. This personal connection is a powerful way for a relationship to be developed between the sponsor and the sponsored child which can be further cultivated by the priority privilege the sponsor gains in participating in one of our volunteering trips so he can visit and get to know his sponsored child personally.

The monthly sponsorship contribution of €18 makes an amazing difference in the life of the child and in the life of the sponsor as well.

​What does your monthly sponsorship provide?


We focus on improving the physical, emotional, educational and social well being of the most vulnerable children of the communities we assist. We believe that every child has a right to nutritious food, clean water, education, healthcare and proper attire. Your monthly contribution assists a child in need in receiving these necessities. ​


Teaching fees, books, school uniform, shoes, school equipment, workbooks, access to computers and educational materials.


Clean water
Water well drilling and proper sanitation construction, access to water sources, water filters for the schools and community. 


Daily meals, supplies, seeds and livestock for the
child's family



Medical insurance to local clinics and home medical supplies.


Unsuccessful Payments

If you are already a Sponsor and the payment for your Child was unsuccessful because your card expired or because you're using a prepaid card (i.e. Revolut or Bank of Cyprus online shopping card) then simply press the   Remedy >  button. 

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