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We aim to increase the quality of life of people born in less favorable conditions than ours.

- Rhea Foundation Board 


We are a registered 'NGO' regulated under the European Associations and Foundations and other Related Matters Law of 2017 (Law 104(I)/2017). Our aim is to raise the quality of life of people living below the poverty line in places where infrastructural problems are present and provide access to education, clean water and renewable energy. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that actions transform lives and the first step towards the shaping of a better world starts inside all of us from understanding that everyone deserves equal access to education, clean water and proper sanitation to create a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

Our Projects

  • Construction of sustainable classrooms in areas where no schools are present.

  • Provision of educational opportunities for children that have no access to education.

  • Coordination of drilling works for the creation of stable sources of clean water and proper sanitation.

  • Installation of solar panels for the supply of stable renewable energy in areas where no electricity networks are present.

  • Distribution of basic necessities to families living below the poverty line.

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