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Upcoming Trip 

August, 2022


Our volunteering trips last 10 full days.

What is the cost and how can I pay?

Complete the following form and we will contact you with all the relevant information via email.

Whats included in the cost?

  • Pick-up from the airport and transport to the Hotel.

  • Hotel Accommodation.

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  • Daily Transport to the our projects and back to the Hotel.

  • Daily activities after work.

  • Medical support.

  • Tour of Tanzania and it's natural wonders.

What will  I be involved in as a volunteer?

Our volunteering program aims in developing the communities we assist by placing you at one of our projects where you can assist in the building of viable schools, the coordination of drilling for clean water and contributions to the teaching capacity of our school to help children learn English, mathematics, art and general knowledge to develop skills and increase their future prospects for further study and future employment. You will help the children learn the basis of the English language and we can assist you in the preparation of your lesson through books and teaching materials we have available. Volunteer work isn’t all classroom based and we can help you organize creative activities such as painting, sport activities, and singing to broaden the knowledge of the students.

What other activities will be included?

  • Masai Village visit and tour.

  • Tribal cultural immersion where you will get the opportunity to observe and take part in traditional Masai rituals.
  • Visit and tour of the traditional Masai Market the epicenter of tribal economy.

  • Full day Safari to one of the greatest National Parks of Africa where you will see lions, elephants, zebras and many more animals.

  • Zip-line on a unique eco- course that offers 4 thrilling zips with 6 unique platforms built around majestic baobab trees. 

  • Kayaking along the Manyara river National Park.

  • Coffee Plantation tour.

  • Visit and tour of African Tribal Art Museum.

Do I need vaccinations?

Travelers are advised to ensure they have received the routine vaccinations needed to travel to Africa so they can enjoy their trip without any hindrances. Some adults may need to receive a booster shot as a precaution for simple vaccines they have already received like a tetanus shot. It is a routine and simple procedure for travelers wishing to visit Africa. We will provide you with all the relevant information once we confirm your place and help you arrange your vaccination visit before departure. 

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